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Lighting up signs without mains electricity

A new generation of solar powered panels are lighting up signs in places far from the national electricity grid.

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The signs at Marham Park at Bury St Edmunds are powered by solar panels

Bicester-based Zeta are the latest to install signage on behalf of their client 4site Implementation for Marham Park on behalf of Countryside Properties at Bury St Edmunds. With no mains electricity nearby to illuminate totem signs and wayfinding signage, Zeta hit on the plan to use their solar signage kit and light guide panel (LPG). The signage includes PV solar panels and the firm’s patented energy management system (PS800 Controller) that regulates the amount of power consumed by the LEDs at night and maximises the power going to the batteries during the day.
4site designed two 2.5m x 5m totems installed at the site’s main entrance. Two additional solar-powered totems were sited within the development, pointing visitors to Countryside Properties’ marketing suite.

Zeta says in a press release: “With a brief to effectively highlight the main entrance to the development, 4site created a 4m x 4m sign, which runs along the wall, illuminating the site name and opening hours using the Zeta LGP.”

Road signs with the solar panel lighting and digital signage are now common in out of the way places

The LGP has a ‘unique grid pattern’ etched into the acrylic which ensures shadow-free illumination and uniform light distribution – and consumes zero energy and they are maintenance-free.

Solar powered lighting for signs has grown in popularity in parallel with the technological advances in recent years. Many companies now offer a variety of styles of this form of lighting opening up markets in sites in isolated rural locations. Road signs with the solar panel lighting and digital signage are now common in out of the way places but there are a few tips which may seem obvious but are worth mentioning. Ideally, the solar equipment should be mounted discretely to the back of the sign making it one single unit.  However, should the sign be shaded by trees or buildings, the solar panel can be sited nearby in a sunnier spot. Most units work on 12 volts and are thus generally safe should children or wild animals take an interest in them.

Do you have examples of solar powered lighting for signs? Email your views to Harry - Harry@linkpublishing.co.uk or call me on 0117 9805 040. Or react to the story on Twitter and have your say.

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