signlink RSS article feed. RSS feed for articles HP seizes new market opportunity HP has seized an opportunity for its large-format printers, by announcing a new partnership with CMYUK. HP believe that this will allow them to operate more in the textiles, decoration, and fashion market, which is a “fast-growing” area for printers. Spike for indoor retail market screens Daktronics has noted an interest for indoor retail market screens, and has installed signage in Westfield, London and in Centro Mall, Germany, as well as airports around the world such as Gatwick and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Fire devastation for sign-maker A fire has ripped through an industrial estate in Wolverhampton, leaving GT Display and other businesses in disarray. The fire happened at around 3.30am on Saturday (22nd July 2017). A Fashionable Solution We are all, to a greater or lesser degree, influenced by fashion trends. Brenda Hodgson investigates how design trends are affecting sign-lettering systems Chris Green Brendan Perring talks to Chris Green, head of visual communications at Antalis about its ongoing expansion strategy and how it is becoming a leading industry light