signlink RSS article feed. RSS feed for articles Lamination Lamination allows sign-makers to not only protect work, but give their signs that extra bit of quality. Rob Fletcher looks at the latest kit on the market to help sign companies enhance output Extreme Materials When completing any sign job, various environmental factors must be taken into consideration. Carys Evans lists some of the substrates available which can stand the test of time Retail Signage With business owners vying for attention on a crowded high street, Genevieve Lewis explores how exciting retail signage can entice the consumer back into stores Vinyl Effects Vinyl has so many uses – especially in the sign-making business. Summer Brooks talks to the companies stretching the capabilities and ascertains the latest vinyl effects available Gizmos and Gadgets The sign-making arena has long been home to a world of handy tools. Summer Brooks finds out what gizmos and gadgets are available, and what is opening up new prospects