signlink RSS article feed. RSS feed for articles 3D printing to disrupt healthcare Medical technology continues to advance all the time, with life-saving procedures and medicines that were previously unheard of. Now, Global Data believe that 3D printing could be as disruptive to healthcare as the internet has been to retail. Sign company defies sluggish Scottish economy Despite economic growth north of the border only half as strong as the rest of the UK last year, Fantasy Prints, based north of Hadrian’s Wall but still just in England, has invested in new kit as business remains brisk. From Cheddar to a former pub in Merseyside A Liverpool sign-making company that prides itself on its environmental credentials has taken delivery of a new router, care of a company in Cheddar. The flatbed that changed the game Brendan Perring analyses a piece of flatbed print technology that has become a flat-out record breaker Fuel price hike increases inflation One of the topics of conversation at Agfa’s Red Carpet event this week away from printing presses was the rise this spring in fuel prices. Anecdotally everyone had a story of diesel hitting the £1.30 a litre mark in some places and the mid-twenties in others, with motorway service stations charging as much as £1.47 a litre.