Thursday, 19 May 2022 11:45 GMT

Double HP investment for Binick Imaging

Florida-based large-format print business Binick Imaging has purchased new HP Stitch S1000 and HP Latex R2000 printers to support its post-pandemic growth plans and its aim to post a 300% increase in revenue by the end of the fiscal year.

Binick is a long-standing customer of HP, with its current print arsenal also including an HP Latex 700W printer, an HP Latex 3000 printer and an HP Latex 3600 printer.

In January this year, the company opted for a new HP Stitch S1000 fabric and textile dye sublimation printer and followed up on this with investment in a HP Latex R2000 flatbed printer in May.

Nick Castillo, chief executive of Binick, says the double investment has helped the business grow both its client base and staff headcount in a matter of months.

“The two new printers from HP provide a strong return on investment for the company and have opened many new doors for growth,” Castillo says. 

“We have scaled our business 50% in the last three months since the purchase of the first HP printer and we are forecasting our revenue to grow 300% this fiscal year with the addition of the HP R2000. We have also hired five new employees in the last six months.

Castillo also spoke about Binick’s focus on sustainability as part of its future growth plans, saying this commitment has helped it secure valuable new work in recent months and will form a key part of its strategy moving forward.

“Our sustainability campaigns, which we market to our client base, have helped us to reach markets that we didn’t consider in the past,” he says, adding: “Sustainable printing is a game changer from a corporate standpoint and has helped to scale our company.

“Water-based inks, recyclable and non-PVC materials are the future of large-format print; they should be considered in every print program to improve safer and healthier practices for both businesses and the environment.”

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