Monday, 20 Dec 2021 12:12 GMT

Sherwood cuts bottlenecks with IGS Titanium

Sherwood Universal, a specialist in digital printing, large-format printing, print finishing and fulfilment, has purchased a new International Graphics Supplies (IGS) Titanium 2516 cutting table to remove bottlenecks from its production process.

The 2.5m x 1.6m table will support the company’s new Jetrix large-format UV flatbed printer that created bottlenecks in production due to work requiring manual cutting.

However, the new IGS Titanium 2516 will remove the manual nature of this work and free up staff for other work, enhancing productivity and efficiency in the process.

“We had looked at a range of cutting machines but, after thorough testing and speaking to existing Titanium users the Titanium 2516 stood out as robust, adaptable and very competitively priced,” Sherwood managing director David O’Neil said.

“The Jetrix and IGS Titanium 2516 combination has enabled us to offer a varied range of products including short run and prototype packaging, point of sales displays, kiss-cut labels and social distancing products.
“Before the Titanium 2516 installation we had to outsource cutting which added days to the delivery time. Now clients visit our office and we can make one off packaging designs on the fly during their visits which is a significant benefit to our customers.”

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