Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021 06:53 GMT

Deneva unveils new visual disability sign feature

Deneva, the passenger information system created by Icon Multimedia, has been adapted to help people with visual disability at train, bus and airport stations.

After the presence of the blind person is detected, digital screens allow the transcription of the information to be displayed in real time. 

This has been made possible via the integration of NaviLens system. A QR code, readable from up to 30m, is embedded on each screen. After the first reading of codes, the system activates the markers on all screens, where the information displayed is interpreted and transformed into audio, in the language of the receiver. 

The system also provides to visually impaired people access to different services information such as the stores located at stations, the products and promotions offered at each of them or their opening and closing hours.

In addition, it warns train drivers that a person with visual disabilities is using this service, and thus, they are able to consider it for the exit and entry times of the train coach. 

The new development is also integrated into Alstom's security platform, which coordinates subsystems such as video surveillance, public address or traffic management. 

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