Thursday, 06 May 2021 10:07 GMT

New book brings sign painting to the 21st century

A book which provides a practical guide to the tools, materials and techniques needed to do sign painting has launched today.

Described as the first of its kind to be published since 1991, Sign Painting aims to bring the topic into the 21st century.

Author, Mike Meyer has taught sign painting around the world since 2013 and the book will act as a reference for those just starting out in sign painting.

Sam Roberts, who works with Meyer at signage consultancy Better Letters, acted as a ghost writer for the book. He describes his role as “getting Mike’s vast knowledge out of his head and onto the page”.

Sign Painting brings the art of sign painting to the 21st century

The book is comprised of what Roberts describes as “descriptive prose”, top tips, and photography which demonstrates different tools and materials.

Illustrator, Jasper Andries helps to bring the description of techniques to life with illustrations. The book is tied together with over 40 original alphabets produced by sign painters and lettering artists from around the world in a double page spread.

The book has 300 illustrations  which demonstrate techniques and tips

Roberts says: “Our hope for the book is that it will become the definitive ‘how to’ on the topic for years to come. It will give beginners a big leg up on their learning journey, while also providing a useful and inspiring point of reference for those with more experience.

“It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with so many talented people in producing the publication and we’re extremely excited that it’s finally in print.”

The book which was written between 2017 and 2019 is published by Laurence King Publishing and includes over 300 colour illustrations.

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