Friday, 18 Dec 2020 09:06 GMT

Absen in innovation drive with Kaisa Prosperity

Digital displays specialist Absen has completed a major project for Chinese real estate developer Kaisa Prosperity, whereby it delivered a range of innovative digital signage for the firm’s new facility in Guangzhou.

The project included a custom trapezoid-shaped LED wall on the side of the new building that measures just under 275sq m and uses Absen’s GS series LED product.

Inside the site is a large-format LED video wall and four LED strips on the ceiling above an architectural model of the Plaza. Created with Absen’s N1.8, the wall measures 7m x 4m and is used to play images and adverts to present property information.

The LED strips, each measuring 1.73m x 15.8m, use Absen’s N4 Plus solution and are mounted on the ceiling above architectural models.

In addition, an immersive LED cave, utilising PL2.9 Lite from Absen, allows Kaisa to play creative and futuristic content, as well as real-estate advertisements, to visitors.

There were no big problems with the configuration of the solutions

Reflecting on the project, Eddie Liu, sales manager of Eastern Guangdong at Absen, says: “There were no big problems with the configuration of the solutions. The difficulty lies in the construction and product customisation.

“Construction plan was the main focus of conversation in the early stage, and then it was product delivery. To secure the timely delivery of the customised products, our team proactively coordinated the resources of the entire supply chain.

“As the schedule of on-site installation was even tighter, the team worked against the clock and spent less than two months to fulfil the whole project.”

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