Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019 16:29 GMT

Signage completed for new Crossrail line

The Printed Film Co has completed a seven-figure project for Crossrail in which it manufactured and delivered route-wide wayfinding signage for the new 73-mile railway line in England.

The project involved creating thousands of large curved and flat laminated glass panels, totem panels, and further panels for exit guides, ‘way out’ patches and various wall cladding.

A spokesperson for The Printed Film Co says: “We initially got involved in the project by producing samples and full-size prototypes, whilst also arranging the third-party testing and gaining approval of our laminated safety glass to Crossrail blast standards and London Underground fire standards. was the glass panels which proved to be the most challenging aspect of the project

“Within the contract we have mainly supplied 6+6mm low iron, toughened, curved, PVP laminated glass, encapsulating our opaque white PET film interlayer, on which we painted the wayfinding graphics.”

Once the curved glass radius matched that of the train stations’ tunnel walls, they were back bonded into the rear stainless-steel frames and slotted in between the tunnel cladding systems.

As well as achieving the pantone shades and vibrancy of the Elizabeth Line’s lilac and blue colours, it was the glass panels which proved to be the most challenging aspect of the project.

The Printed Film Co supplied all the laminated glass panels which make up the stations’ totems

The laminated glass panels, both flat and curved featured an opaque white PET interlayer film. This was required to have cut outs, in order to leave clear windows within the laminated panels to allow for maps, route information or backlit ‘way out’ patches to illuminate through.

This was a tricky process and required several tests, samples and brainstorming of possible solutions.

The stations supplied were Farringdon, Tottenham Court Road, Liverpool St, Bond St, Paddington, Canary Wharf, Whitechapel, Custom House, Abbey Wood, Hackney Wick and Woolwich.

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