Thursday, 29 Sep 2016 14:27 GMT

The Colour Crew serves up a treat with DYSS X7

Sign-making company The Colour Crew has paid tribute to its a DYSS X7 digital cutting table, saying that the machine has had significant impact on production

Featuring KASEMAKE CAD software, the machine has not only helped save the company money, but also granted it greater control over its production, with 15 percent of work having previously been outsourced for external cutting and finishing.

Counting the likes of Domino’s Pizza amongst its customers, The Colour Crew says the DYSS X7, which was purchased from AG/CAD, has also helped to reduce lead times.

Nick Goodall, managing director at the firm, says: “We were outsourcing a lot of cutting and due to the quantities; this outsourced work often required die cutting and a cutting forme. The inherent issue was the turnaround time of producing the cutting forme and the consequent cutting by an external supplier.

“Buying a cutting table would bring this work in-house, cut costs and lead-times and give us complete control over the process; the investment was a common sense decision.”

The streamlining of processes is a major selling point for our business

Godall continues: “Some jobs can now be turned around with same day delivery and this wasn't previously possible. The streamlining of processes is a major selling point for our business.

“In addition, the faster throughput has increased capacity and enabled us to take on more work. Working hand-in-hand with this benefit is our ability to design and manufacture dummy PoS, dummy boxes and FSDU's for customers with speed.

“This is acting as a sales tool and we have now employed a salesperson to sell our new capabilities and the capacity that the DYSS machine has given us.”