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Floor Graphics

An area that has seen significant growth in recent years, Rob Fletcher takes a closer look at the floor graphics market and finds out more about the potential expansion opportunities

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Swept off your feet

Floor graphics played a key role in the battle against Covid-19. These adhesive applications promoted social distancing in shops and, during the height of the pandemic, helped direct consumers around stores in order to keep them safe while shopping.

However, floor graphics go much further than this and provide retailers and brands with an incredibly effective way of capturing peoples’ attention. This is one of many reasons why demand for floor graphics has rocketed in recent years, with all sorts of creative and eye-catching applications appearing.

Here, we speak with equipment and technology suppliers to find out about the expansion opportunities available to sign-makers, as well as the factors they need to consider before making a move into the market.

Flexible solutions

First up, Drytac provides a wide range of vinyls and films suitable for floor graphics work. Amanda Brown, global marketing manager at Drytac, says that what makes floor graphics so unique is that they can be used in almost any environment that you can think of and for all sorts of reasons.