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Vinyl Wrapping Materials

Whether wrapping a vehicle or smaller format items, quality material choice is critical to the final piece. Here, we look at some of the latest and most popular solutions suitable for use in a range of projects

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Avery Dennison recently introduced its new PVC-free SP 1504 Easy Apply

That’s A Wrap

When people talk about wrapping in the sign-making and wide-format print sector, minds are almost certainly drawn to images of colourful car wraps and impressive designs covering the sides of lorries and vans.

However, the fact of the matter is that wrapping stretches much further than just vehicles. Yes, the vehicle wrapping sector is busier than it has ever been but wrapping presents companies in and around this sector with many more profitable opportunities outside of the traditional market.

SignLink takes a closer look at some of these sectors and picks out the materials sign-makers and wide-format print companies can use to take full advantage of opportunities available to them across these markets.

Push The Boundaries

The far-reaching potential of the wrapping industry is referenced by Avery Dennison, which supplies a wide range of materials to the market. Rick Snabel, project manager for digital printing media at Avery Dennison, explains that wrapping can be applied to virtually any type of surface or object, with the only limit in this market being your own creativity.