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Vinyl Effects Part 1

Vinyl wrapping has become a major growth area but how do you ensure your business stands out? Rob Fletcher looks at the specialist effects you can add to you work to help you race ahead

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Avery Dennison’s new Supreme Wrapping Film colours include blissful purple, cool teal, stunning orange, wave blue and both hope and lively green

Something special

Much has been said and written about the opportunities for growth in the vinyls market, with many sign-makers having moved into this sector in order to take on in-demand work such as vehicle wrapping. But once you are established in this area, what is the next step?

Offering something that your competitors do not is a sure-fire way of standing out and securing new customers. Vinyl allows sign-makers to be adventurous with their work; there is a whole range of products designed to help you add more value to wrap projects.

How can you race ahead with vinyl wrapping?

With this in mind, what are some of the latest vinyl materials available to the market and how can sign-makers, and other businesses active in this sector, to help them shift up a gear and move ahead of the pack?

Keeping up with trends

Avery Dennison is one of several suppliers in this market, stocking a plethora of materials for wrapping applications. Esra Boro, product line marketing manager for wrapping and signage at the company’s EMENA business, says both colours and effects are crucial in all types of vinyl work.

“The market evolves all the time, and there is a strong appetite for ever-more ‘pop’ and new, exciting visual experiences,” Boro says, adding: “On-trend colours and options that suit a wide range of tastes are at the heart of our R&D efforts.

“We want installers to be able to both respond to new demands and also to drive them by surprising their customers. That’s why Avery Dennison invests continuously in the innovation and development needed to maintain our position as a trusted brand.

“Quality wraps give installers three crucial benefits: a more professional finished result, and pride in that result; reassurance that customer complaints will be few and far between; and much better productivity.”

Looking at the latest materials from Avery Dennison, Boro points to the six new Supreme Wrapping Film colours that were recently released to the market. The company has also launched a new ‘self healing’ paint protection film in the form of Avery Dennison SPF-XI.

Avery Dennison recently added six new Supreme Wrapping Film colours to its range

Speaking about the latter, Boro comments: “This is a high-end material that can eliminate scratches at ambient temperatures. It’s complemented by a new range of automotive window films for high performance, non-reflective and infrared applications; we now offer a complete solution for aftermarket vehicle customisation applications.
“A number of new products are in development, including not only some outstanding new colours but also more in our paint protection range.”

Extra revenue

Also active in this market is Pyramid Displays, a company that provides vinyl to end-users to support them with their various display projects. Graham Scanlan, an account manager for the north west of England at Pyramid Displays, says that by offering a wider range of effects to customers, you are able to stand out from the competition and bring in more business as a result.

Additional vinyl effects can help create extra revenue, according to Graham Scanlan, an account manager for the north west of England at Pyramid Displays

Scanlan expands: “Additional vinyl effects can create extra revenue by offering your customers something unique and also there can be a possibility to widen the applications that these vinyls can be used for. This tends to follow trends lead by market research by the manufacturers.”

However, Scanlan also issues a warning to the sign-makers and other companies operating in this market, saying that if they are to take on work that requires extra effects, they must ensure they are working with high quality materials in order to deliver exactly what the customer wants.

Scanlan says: “There are a number of factors when considering a good quality vinyl against a cheaper budget version and this mainly applies to cast vinyl apposed to calendared vinyls due to the cost and time involved to replace if a failure occurs.

“One thing that can be overlooked is the integrity of the manufacturer and their spec or data sheets. Is the film you are buying at a budget price, what it seems or are there smoke and mirrors at play? Cast is cast and calendared is calendared.”

As to how you can identify the higher quality vinyl products, Scanlan says there are a number of attributes for sign-makers to look out for. Firstly, quality films are, in the main, made to a higher specification and will offer better gloss levels, higher performance and consistency.

Scanlan also notes that some films offer unique adhesive systems that make easier application and removal of the films – all of which are backed up by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Working with confidence

Elsewhere and Grafityp has a wide range of vinyl options available to the market, specialising in self-adhesive sign-making vinyl, digital print media, laminates and automotive and deco wrapping vinyl. Head of marketing Graham Jones says that a commitment to high quality materials will benefit users in the long run.

Jones expands: “High quality materials will give you the confidence to know that the finished result will look excellent for a longer period and less likely to fail. Using quality vinyl will also speed up productivity and are easier for fitters to work with. This means your team and customers will be delighted with the result. Grafityp only sources the highest quality materials for the production and manufacturing of their vinyl ranges.”

(Above & below) Grafityp says that vinyls offer certain advantages over print, including the ability to create effects such as mirror, prismatic, reflective and textures

In terms of special effects in vinyl, Jones says that there are a number of major benefits in adding this to your service offering. One of the key advantages is how special effect vinyl differs to printed effects, in that the user can create effects such as mirror, prismatic, reflective and textures, whereas with print, this is not possible.

Jones comments: “Some of these effects cannot be reproduced using printed media. Some special effects vinyl has to conform to certain standards such as chapter 8, RA1 and RA2.”

As to how Grafityp can support sign-makers and other businesses looking to add or enhance their special effects vinyl services, Jones points to one of the latest additions to the Grafityp portfolio in the form of a printable wrapping vinyl and a new ultramarine colour.

O Factoid: Vinyl Wrapping on cars can arguably give you more impressions per dollar or pound than any other outdoor advertising initiatives (Graphiti Wraps) O

The new product uses Grafityp’s new slide air escape adhesive technology, which, according to Jones, allows for a lite contact that facilitates graphics to effortlessly slide over the surface until firm pressure and heat are applied, thus making it easy to install graphics.
While there may be a lot of competition to consider in the wrapping market, the message from manufacturers and suppliers here is that by adding special effects vinyl to your service offering, you can differentiate your business.

Companies seeking to learn more about vinyl effects and the opportunities in this sector can look forward to The Sign Show later this year. The new event will feature a dedicated ‘It’s a Wrap’ section, where visitors can see a whole range of vehicles and items being wrapped.

Speaking about this focus, event director Chris Davies, says: “Wrapping has been big business for sign-makers for some time now, but as the market becomes more crowded, it’s more important than ever for companies to think outside of the box and offer something that their competitors cannot.

“Special effects vinyls can help add that bit of extra special touch to all sorts of standard wrapping projects. From vehicle graphics to wrapping personal items such as mobile phones and tablets, there is scope for huge growth in special effects.”

The Sign Show 2020 will take place alongside The Print Show at the NEC in Birmingham from September 27th to 29th.

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