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CNC Routers and Software

With accuracy of paramount importance in all signage applications, how can the latest CNC routing equipment and software solutions help your business achieve new levels of quality?

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En Route to Success

Simply put, CNC routing equipment, and its accompanying software, saves sign-makers a huge amount of time when it comes to producing all sorts of signage work. Whether this is small wayfinding boards or large-scale pieces, this kit takes away many of the manual parts of sign-making.

Add in the fact that CNC routers and software will almost certainly give you a higher quality of finish, not to mention pinpoint accuracy, and it is easy to see why the popularity of this technology has exploded in the sign industry in recent years.

With this in mind, we speak with a number of specialist providers in the market to find out more about their latest developments and how integrating these products as part of your production line-up will help you strengthen your offering for customers.

Rigidity and Reliability

AXYZ operates under the tagline ‘Tailored Routing Solutions’, working with a wide range of customers to help them bolster accuracy in their work. Product manager Kevin Recinos explains that for sign-makers, quality CNC kit and software will allow them to achieve speed and reliability to process the various materials used in signage applications.

“Sign-makers focusing on exterior signs such as those you would see in retail spaces will process tough materials such as non-ferrous metal sheets, thick acrylic, or aluminium composites,” Recinos says.

“Now, any router configured to run slow enough with the right cutters will be able to process these materials. The problem many sign-makers run into is how rigid and well-equipped their CNC machines are to process materials at high speeds.

 “Depending on the number of projects a sign-maker may be working on, the CNC machine may be finished cutting all the materials by midday or perhaps the next day. 

"The productivity of a machine will come down to how fast can you cut parts, the quality of the product, and the time involved to get your products to the end-user. Taking into consideration rigidity, reliability and performance should be at the top of the list.”

Recinos goes on to say that upgrading a CNC machine can unlock a “tremendous” amount of additional value. He explains users may be looking for greater rigidity or modern software that will help improve their production speed or product quality. 

Given the amount of digital transformation over the past two decades, sometimes an upgrade may be necessary to reduce the learning curve of new operators.

We’ve seen more and more customers process different types of materials – often more rigid such
as plywood and non-ferrous metals

“We’ve seen more and more customers process different types of materials – often more rigid such as plywood and non-ferrous metals,” Recinos says, adding: “Many low power CNC routers or fast knife cutting machines do not have the rigidity to process these tougher materials at production level speeds.”

Recinos says the Trident machine from AXYZ remains its best overall solution, designed to process more than 500 different materials ranging from zinc to corrugated cardboard.