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Workflow Software

While investment in software may be lower than hardware, these products are no less significant. Rob Fletcher highlights some of the workflow software solutions available

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TAKING charge

Every successful modern signage business owes much of this to its software. While it is true that the hardware actually produces the physical signage, and of course investment in this kit is critical, it is the software that drives this machinery to ensure you are achieving the highest quality output possible.

Workflow software is an incredibly important part of all modern businesses, not just in the sign industry, but also other areas. To put it simply, quality workflow software helps the user to improve the way they operate and get the most out of the hardware they are running to produce signage work.

With this in mind, SignLink speaks with a number of developers about their latest software options and finds out how these updated solutions can help sign-makers gain an advantage in the busy and competitive modern market.

Added value

Enfocus is a software company that offers solutions for PDF productivity and workflow automation. Freddy Pieters, solution architect at Enfocus, says running a successful print shop is not just about the printing hardware, explaining that what is the use of a very fast press if you cannot feed it in time with the large amounts of data it can consume?