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Racing, rally cars, and James Bond

As a sports fan, I really enjoy Formula One and cars, so this story was fun to write. Thrown in the mix was also a James Bond (Hello, Daniel Craig)film and a tv shoot. Car wraps are something that have grown over the last few years, and many sign firms have realised the potential behind offering wrapping services. The same happened for Rocktek signs and its owner Jon Rockall, who realised that his wrapping skills and ideas were becoming increasingly popular.

Rocktek has wrapped some interesting cars and objects over the last few years; this is a list that includes a police car for the latest James Bond film, an Xbox, and a fridge.

Jon Rockall spent 30 years in the sign industry, before being made redundant when the firm closed down. He took the client base, and his skills and created Rocktek Signs, before introducing Rocktek Custom Wrapping in 2010.

Rockall works on wrapping the public’s cars, but has also got some stories on his CV thanks to experiences with TV, film, and racing. This includes wrapping an i30 Estate for the last James Bond film as a police car, kitted out with lights and sirens.

Over the last three years, Rocktek has exhibited at Autosport International at the NEC, in Birmingham.

The ex-sign-maker explains that Autosport International is important to them, and comments: “For the last three years we have been at the Autosport International show at the NEC. Last year, we had a car in the Formula One part of the hall—it wasn’t a Formula One car, but it was a big deal that our car was in that section with them.”

I started offering wrapping under Rocktek Signs, but then I became more known for wrapping

Another proud moment for the Rocktek team included wrapping a fleet of MK2 Ford Escorts. Rockall continues: “We did a fleet of MK2 Escorts, group of four rally cars, and that got us a seven-page spread in Performance Ford magazine and also 25,000 views on our Facebook page.

“Because I grew up in my early 20s driving MK2 Escorts, it was a bit of nostalgia to do these rally cars. Then we spent the day out in them as well, and got taught to rally in them too. That was really good and we designed and fitted everything on those vehicles.”

On how he came to introduce Rocktek Wrapping, Rockall says: “I started offering wrapping under Rocktek Signs, but then I became more known for wrapping. I worked with a franchise sign-writing company and whilst I was with them I became qualified. I’ve been in the sign and design industry for over 30 years now, and the company went bust, so I got made redundant and I just carried on. I took the client list and carried on, and it got bigger and bigger over the last seven years, so it’s worked pretty well for us, with people hearing about us.”

The firm offers full colour changes, detailing work inside and out, and digitally printed wraps that are designed by Rockall. He explains that he gets the wraps printed offsite and uses Avery Dennison wraps as he feels they are better for printing.

Rockall finishes: “I get my digital print stuff offsite, but it’s all printed with Avery Supreme wrapping film, as they’re printable and they use a latex printer. I personally think it’s a better finish, a little more conformable, because with latex it’s a rubber-based ink.”

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