Actively boosting your profit margin

Link Publishing has more than 20 years of experience and expertise in how to get the very best out of a telemarketing campaign.
When properly planned and executed, this medium can be an extremely powerful way to provide a company with quality and qualified sales leads or detailed market research.
Following investment in a state-of-the-art and fully networked back office and communications system, we are now able to provide this as a specialised service. What gives our telemarketing staff the edge and makes the system different from the competition is that they have access to the best contact database in the industry. This means that if you are looking to target sign businesses, or gather information from the expert minds behind them, then we are the best route to take.
We use a focused team of high quality, motivated staff to make sure that the market research or sales leads generated are of best possible value. Another important factor is that our team are friendly, enthusiastic and intelligent individuals who can relate to your audience, without sounding like they are phoning from some faceless ‘mega call centre’.
Link Publishing also takes pride in knowing that our staff have an in-depth understanding of the sign industry and what motivates its members, resulting in a higher sales lead return and higher quality market research.
Detailed reporting methods and verification
Once a plan is in place and all the details such as focus questions and exact target demographic are agreed, we can then provide you with extremely detailed reporting and verification information. This is in terms of the number of calls made, duration and even recordings of the conversations so there can be total confidence we are portraying your company in the right light.
For further information and technical details please contact SignLink's sales team.
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