Social Media Marketing

Getting involved in a virtual world

In addition to our own media hub, each of SignLink’s writers and has a social media presence.They have been developed to help engage with the print world and drive more traffic to our web-based industry resources.
Our focus on social media has been motivated by a shift in media consumption trends, with statistics showing online searches and media engagement are multiplying four fold every twelve months. After extensive research and testing, we identified Twitter and LinkedIn as the two most important social media platforms for business-to-business publishing.
Each Tweet and LinkedIn update is designed to be of real value to our followers, whether it is an update on a breaking story, or updates from industry exhibitions. While driving traffic to our own websites, the updates can increase interest in a company’s products, services or solutions. This can lead to increased business for those included in the stories and features.
Those monitoring our feeds are not only SignLink’s readership, but also a wider breadth of associated industries from the UK and the international market. This is especially true of’s social media presence, as it has been successfully designed and marketed with the global print market in mind.
The value of being engaged with social media cannot be underestimated. When SignLink launched its Twitter feed in 2011 it generated 500 followers in two weeks and saw traffic to rise by ten percent. On average, social media now accounts for over 15 percent of unique user traffic driven to our websites.
Online communication is increasing and talking via such networks is invaluable. Research shows 57 percent of people in the western hemisphere talk more online than in real life and, based on current patterns, there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 (Source: Ericsson Multimedia). Using social media to spread a business message is something that all companies should be considering.

­Tapping into the social scene

If you own a business website, social media management (SMM) can help your search engine optimisation (SEO) and strategically place your business in front of more customers.
This is where @signlink, @signlinktv and their corresponding LinkedIn profiles comes in. Each is an absolutely trusted feed that has been perfectly constructed and is followed by the vast majority of print businesses. We also understand the social media language to use for the greatest impact.
For a rate of £50, we can consult with you to help construct a high impact tweet from your own feed. This can then be used to coincide with our own clearly sponsored social media build-up on a topic or trend that will draw attention to your own online presence, product launch or breaking company news at a time when it will have the biggest impact.
If you wish to buy a larger consultancy package from us then there is a discount option which can be discussed with the sales team.