Tuesday, 17 Aug 2021 15:52 GMT

Hollywood-style sign pops up in Wrexham

One of the most famous signs in the world, the Hollywood sign, which overlooks the city of Los Angeles has been imitated in the north Welsh town of Wrexham.

The mysterious sign that has appeared much to the surprise of locals and the media spells out the English name for the town, which in Welsh is Wrecsam.

The large sign is situated atop a slag heap at Bersham Bank colliery tip, near the village of Rhostyllen.

Passers-by first noticed the sign taking shape over the weekend with many locals taking pictures and speculating about where the sign came from.

Much like the Hollywood sign, the big white letters can be seen from a nearby busy road in a picturesque location where the town name tops a collection of trees.

Since its construction many have speculated about the sign’s origin and intent, with most linking it to the now world famous Wrexham AFC football club. The club has become notable in the past year as it was purchased by Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney who hope to reinvigorate the club and its community.

A few people seem to think this is new and are connecting it to the new owners.

In response to the sign and speculation Wrexham AFC’s official Twitter account retweeted photos of the sign suggesting that Wrexham has always been the Hollywood of Europe.

The sign’s manufacturers and exact intentions may be unclear, but its creation is typical of the two comedic actors who now own the club, Reynolds especially. The actor and producer has created some of the most memorable stunts and Hollywood marketing in recent years, for films like Deadpool, Detective Pikachu, and this summer’s Free Guy. 

The impact and originality of the sign has so far received a mixed response from fans and locals, with one twitter user writing: “A few people seem to think this is new and are connecting it to the new owners.

“It's not new and has been up and down in various guises for years. I remember when it first went up for April Fool’s Day and everyone on the bus I was riding thought it was hilarious. So did I”

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