Friday, 26 Jun 2020 09:16 GMT

Bringing sports home with Daktronics

LED and digital displays specialist Daktronics has announced the launch of a new streaming product to help bring the experience of sporting events into people’s home.

Big Stream is, according to Daktronics, the first streaming technology of its kind that creates a video signal to stream video board content directly to the fans at home.

Daktronics says the product will allow supporters to enjoy a more exciting and interactive game-day experience, adding that it will be of particular benefit to college sports in the US.

It is not yet clear when fans will be permitted to return to sports events, both professional and college-level, due to the ongoing novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

“Big Stream lets fans see exactly what would be on their big video board on the field, complete with audio, animations, trivia and even sponsor advertising,” Daktronics market manager Kyle Sydow says, adding: “We named it Big Stream because it combines the big screen with a live stream.

“We offer Big Stream with multiple options so we can accommodate schools that use any type of Daktronics scoring system. Schools can add capabilities for real-time data, add inputs like cameras and even show instant replays.”

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