Friday, 02 Aug 2019 13:00 GMT

EnRoute to success with SAi upgrades

Software solutions provider SAi has announced a significant upgrade to its flagship EnRoute CAD/CAM software, with the idea of supporting customers across a number of markets.

EnRoute 6.1 includes new efficiency-enhancing tools to boost CNC routing capabilities for CNC woodworking, sign-making and mill-working companies, as well as nested-based manufacturing users.

Among the new features is the Backplot tool, which simultaneously generates four preview angles and contains detailed cut statistics, and also incorporates colour code for the text in the file.

Users will also benefit from a Group Order function, which allows subscribers to select the order in which they want the objects to be cut and saves this to a group that can be copied.

Other enhancements include Job Statistics, which deliver improved information of cutting time, as well as the ‘Order by Line’ option, allowing users to draw a line on the screen to quickly select the order of the parts to be cut.

In terms time-saving features, the Hot Folder option ensures that once a part is outputted from EnRoute 6.1, it is automatically saved in a predefined (hot) folder created by the user, ready to be cut.

In addition, a new Drag Knife tool has been introduced to create toolpaths for cutting complex geometries.

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