Thursday, 31 Jan 2019 15:00 GMT

3D printed floor creates modern luxury for BMW

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has fitted out the BMW Welt exhibition space with a completely 3D printed floor.

The design is the result of a collaboration between senior vice-president of BMW group design Adrian van Hooydonk, Milan-based architect and designer Particia Urquiola, and BMW Welt. The project saw the exhibition space in Munich transformed to showcase the new BMW 7 series.

The main feature of the display is the 322sq m floor which was produced with 3D printing technology and moulded with terrazzo. Metallic curtains and a backdrop of Urquiola’s original works complement the 3D printed floor.

The inspiration for the design centred around the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupé. The concept car’s paint shade is reminiscent of the blue-green tones of the Northern Lights – which Urquiola mirrored in the flooring.

According to BMW, the freedom that 3D printing gave to pull at the limits was a particularly attractive element of the design collaboration between BMW Welt and BMW Group Design.

I liked the idea of applying a fresh technique to create what you might call new territory within a space

When it came to the stage design for its new flagship models, the car manufacturer was particularly keen to find a partner who shared its interpretation of luxury.

“I liked the idea of applying a fresh technique to create what you might call new territory within a space,” says Urquiola. “So, I used these filters in the metal mass to incorporate a kind of movement. It was a totally new and exciting way of thinking about a space for me.”

Commenting on the collaboration, van Hooydonk says: “What I admire about Patricia’s work is that she approaches design from a human perspective.

“She creates exquisite products and luxurious spaces – but always with a warm heart, a central thread of humanity and a personal narrative. I admire that because it’s something we also channel into our design processes at BMW Design.”

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