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Antalis on how to prepare for plastic tax changes

Print and packaging company, Antalis, has begun preparations for the new Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) that is due to take effect in April, 2022.

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With the PPT coming into effect in April 2022 preparation is essential for businesses to adjust

With so many companies throughout the UK likely to be affected by PPT, it is more important than ever for companies to get ready for the changes it will bring about. Due to this, Antalis has given its own advice and insight on how to prepare for the changes, including methods like reducing and replacing plastic packaging, as well as using recycled packaging.

Antalis has named the strategy “the four Rs”, which stand for reduce, reuse, recycle, and replace. The packaging company believes the changes involved will help companies to better prepare for the tax, and the costs associated with the adjustments.

The tax means that plastic packaging made in or out of the UK will be charged when it contains less than 30% recycled plastic. With the government currently planning to charge around £200 per tonne to the company that first commercially exploits the packaging, many businesses could be hit hard by the change.

If each company were to use single-use packaging, whether paper or plastic, the environmental and financial impact could be significant

Antalis has pointed to materials like stretch film as a product that is often over-used but can easily be made more sustainable by ensuring a machine is calibrated correctly and using the correct film.

In a release Antalis says: “Plastic packaging that can be used over and over again is proving popular among our B2B [business to business] customers, particularly those within the automotive industry.

“It’s an often complex supply chain involving small manufacturers producing individual parts which might undergo multiple processes by different companies within the chain. If each company were to use single-use packaging, whether paper or plastic, the environmental and financial impact could be significant.”

The packaging company has emphasised that preparation is key, and that many tax-exempt products are widely available such as: 100% recycled grey mailing bags, 75% recycled white poly mailing bags, and 50% recycled Airspeed Renew air bags.

In the release Antalis concludes: “It’s not about getting rid of plastic altogether, sometimes plastic really is the best option, it’s about choosing it carefully and using it wisely.”

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