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Light bulb moment for manufacturing?

Brexit is cited as the biggest concern of many print service providers, but there are a number of other strategic challenges on the horizon.

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Graeme Shaw of the Zumtobel Group says “doing nothing is expensive” in terms of switching your lighting arrangements

Graeme Shaw, technical application and academy manager at Zumtobel Group, highlights a recent PwC report that points to the need for businesses to invest continuously in plant and operations in order to remain competitive and secure long-term stability.

Shaw says one way of tackling this is through lighting. Although not seen as a major consideration for the sector, Shaw says a new mindset is emerging and that sector leaders in manufacturing are embracing the new idea of ‘light as a service,’ whereby the future performance of the lighting solution is ensured by the supplier, and where no capital outlay is required.

“The light as a service model enables manufacturing companies to look far beyond what would otherwise be possible without such a financing model in place,” he says, adding: “Put simply, businesses can upgrade the way in which light is used within their environment and pay for it using savings generated from day one of installation.

Certainly, the cost-savings and energy efficiencies delivered by today’s LED lighting systems are compelling

“Certainly, the cost-savings and energy efficiencies delivered by today’s LED lighting systems are compelling.  But undertaking to buy light as a service rather than a commodity moves the conversation way beyond simple savings.”

Shaw adds: “The light as a service model delivers immediate and ongoing access to lighting industry experts, individuals who are trained to assess the operating environment and who have the experience and depth of knowledge to suggest best-fit lighting solutions. Light can be tailored and controlled to suit a client’s specific needs.

“The future-proofing advantages of light as a service are critical. Without such a model in place, every new technological advancement would require significant capital expenditure. Light as a service provides buyers with the necessary consultative expertise to enable them to stay a step ahead.  

Not only is electricity getting more expensive every year, maintenance costs are also increasing

“Additionally, any decision-maker will surely welcome the prospect of dealing with just one supplier contact (safe in the knowledge that the system is being monitored and maintained in the background) rather than having to deal with multiple maintenance, management and sales personnel.

“Not only is electricity getting more expensive every year, maintenance costs are also increasing. Every day an obsolete lighting system is operating it causes unnecessary extra costs, through excessive electricity consumption, high failure rates and high maintenance charges. Doing nothing is expensive.”

Shaw concludes: “Changing any purchasing and business model will always require careful assessment, and moving to light as a service will be a step change for many. However, taking the decision now can lead to immediate savings and can result in a model that normally pays for itself from day one.”

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