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Ultima MD says: “Why Not?”

Ultima Displays is a brand that many in the print, sign, and graphic industries in the UK will be familiar with. But its managing director has pulled back the curtains on a bold, ambitions, and quite honestly impressive, project in an exclusive interview with Print Monthly.

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“Our product portfolio today is based on original innovation and uniqueness, not just trying to copy another product on the market or being a ‘me too’,” says Osvaldo Gallio, managing director of Ultima Displays

The company has long been respected as a trade-only provider specialising in exhibitions stand and graphic hardware systems and media, but Osvaldo Gallio is man on a mission to become the premier service provider in this sector on reputation alone: “My message to the industry is: Why not try Ultima and see what we can do for your business?”

He continues: “From my background and experience I am not the kind of person to say: ‘we are the best at this’ or ‘the biggest at that’, these statements are provocative and meaningless. It comes down to our approach of being a partner to our customer, rather than a vendor. That is the true and essential ethos of this business and its engine today.

“If you really want to improve your business and open yourself up to a lot of opportunity, that is what we are about. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”

Indeed, Gallio has headed up the complete restructure of Ultima Displays in the UK, focussing on strongly enhancing its levels of customer service, while “dramatically” cutting its response times.

He continues, quoting from its mission statement: “We genuinely care about making our customers’ lives easier by working in partnership to deliver a competitive advantage to them.”

If you really want to improve your business and open yourself up to a lot of opportunity, that is what we are about. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain

Talking to Gallio, he is certainly a man with a genuine passion in this respect. But it has its challenges. Key to this he explains is trying to educate potential customers that price if not king.

“I always say to our customers: ‘consider that price is not the only ratio of convenience’,” he says, adding: “A far greater attraction in the long-term is the level of value added service, reliability, quality, consistency, and effectiveness you have as a partner.

“We also find that in the long-run, the base price is not the defining factor. If our customer can offer their own customer complete piece of mind and a very high-quality product, they can make a much better long-term margin on the products and services they sell them. In addition, they will not lose out with missed deadlines or mistakes on jobs. Our entire focus as an organisation is that we do not let our customers down.”

As part of its new and wide-ranging “Behaviour Framework” and “Measurement of Success” systems, Gallio is also bringing a level of systematic organisation to Ultima that has it working like a crack SAS unit.

He concludes: “Ultima do not try to push our customers down a specific product route for our short-term commercial benefit. Our team have been intensively trained to understand the exact needs and goals of the customer and specify them only a product that is right for them.”

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