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Exhibition stand systems

There are a range of exhibition solutions on the market. Jo Golding asks: "What have you found to be the most popular systems you offer and why is this?”

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Peter Gunning, chief executive officer, Grafenia

Focus on fabric

Marqetspace, the trade division of Grafenia plc, have been providing various exhibition solutions since 2001. We have always supplied a range of products from traditional Foamex boards to pull up banners. However, in September 2015 we installed our first D-Gen at our UK production facility, enabling us to print direct to fabric. We launched our initial range of fabric, primarily exhibition solutions with a difference, and we have not looked back.

There’s a common theme to the range. Each item usually comes in two parts—a lightweight frame, that’s easy to dismantle and packs away into a small carry case. No more hauling cumbersome wheeled carry cases across exhibition halls. These aluminium ‘click together’ frames are mass-produced to bring the cost down and can be reused many times over.

No more hauling cumbersome wheeled carry cases across exhibition halls

Then there is a fabric printed cover, which usually stretches over the frame. The cover can be entirely personalised in high-definition full colour. Pull it over the frame and zip it up. That means it is easy to change the graphic in a few minutes, or to refresh it every few months with a new sleeve, they are even machine washable. The great thing is, there are no panels to try to line up—you can create large one-piece, continuous graphics.

In 2015 Textiles Intelligence reported a 25 percent growth in the ink-on-fabric market, stating that they expected the market to continue to grow 20 percent year-on-year.

At the end of 2017 we installed our second D-Gen to keep up with demand. In the current climate, and with the need for printers to diversify, getting into fabric provides a great opportunity.

Over two years on, and our fabric range has grown and developed beyond simple exhibition stands. The area we have seen develop and grow is fabric furniture. Our print partners are finding real success in selling this range.

High-tech results

Russell Alexander, national sales manager, Innotech

Innotech’s Illuminate pop up system has proved very popular since its launch in early 2018. This large-format portable backdrop display system is leading the way in eco-friendly, illuminated display technology thanks to its high-tech results and incredibly simple assembly combined with the addition of an LED light kit.

This heavy-duty pop up system assembles in seconds using clip connectors to secure the articulated frame and two support feet for additional stability. Graphics are attached using the foolproof keder ‘rod and channel’ system for easy installation and optimal tensioning for an all-round showstopping performance. The LEDs are ultra energy efficient, they do not heat up and they will not break or fuse so you can be assured of safe, reliable performance for many years on the road.

This year has also seen a massive increase in sales of Innotech’s super-wide Panorama roller banner, ideal for backdrops or large public spaces. This is the widest pop-up display in Innotech’s range, available in 2.4 and 3.2m widths. It is ideal for high-profile indoor events and perfect for creating a dedicated micro-environment for your business or product within a larger exhibition or retail space.

This heavy-duty pop up system assembles in seconds using clip connectors

Panorama is intuitively designed for practical transportation and assembly by the individual. A trio of heavy duty bungee poles ensure your message stays up as long as it is required while the heavy duty casing offers maximum stability.

Innotech also offers a 60mm outdoor banner system designed for mounting on walls, in which backlit graphics are tensioned inside the frame, and the profile is then clipped over the top to give a luxury feel to a simple backlit banner graphic. A sleek 60mm frame transforms a simple backlit banner into a work of art, while LED backlighting brings every detail vibrantly to life. Stunning and eye-catching in any location, this LED frame’s slim profile and wide-format make it a powerful marketing tool in dynamic, fast-paced retail and leisure environments.

Ready for anything

Andy Jakes, product manager, Ultima Displays

In today’s environment, it is more important than ever for event exhibitors to stand out. The internet is rapidly becoming the destination of choice for buyers and as a result, exhibitors must step up their game to ensure they have a winning stand that captures the attention of consumers. For that very reason, we developed Ultima Displays’ Modular Vector range, an innovative series of products that meets the needs of modern exhibiting. The range comprises not only the stands themselves, but light boxes, arches, hanging structures, storage, and media areas, preparing clients for changeable scenarios and environments.

The Modular Vector range is our most popular exhibition solution and is characterised by quality, versatility, and functionality. The building block design makes stands easy to expand when something bigger is needed simply by attaching additional Vector modules. In a fast-paced event environment, it is essential that display solutions can be regularly altered, both in line with the event itself, and in accordance with current offers and promotions. 

In a fast-paced event environment, it is essential that display solutions can be regularly altered

Traditional stands are made of solid panel components which are expensive, bulky, prone to damage, and above all, heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. The Modular Vector range is easy to construct, dismantle, and install again, with panels that can be broken down. This feature is perfect if a customer is always on the go, attending and exhibiting at many shows in a short time frame.

We believe there is no better way to entice buyers and deliver a fantastic first impression than with a striking, contemporary display stand that effectively showcases products or services while also representing the brand’s identity and principles. Modular Vector can help win new business, dazzle current clients, and make any brand stand out from the crowd at any exhibition, event, or showroom.

Stretch your horizon

Chris Cheeseman, Lead Designer, Your Print Partner

At YPP, our Stretch Stands are by far the most popular exhibition stand system amongst our clients. Exhibiting at a trade show can be a stressful experience at the best of times, so the beauty of this system is in its simplicity. We can create a huge range of shapes and structures, including columns, arches and meeting booths, just by combining our aluminium ‘click-in’ poles with digitally printed polyester fabric.

Speaking as a designer, this system is a dream as it allows us to be able to create a bespoke solution for our clients to specifically fit the space they have available and the message they want to promote.

From a client’s perspective, Stretch Stands are an ideal choice as they mostly require little or no tooling and can be packed down into a convenient size to fit in the back of a car for easy transportation. The designs are printed on fabric, pulled taught over the aluminium frames and zipped together, which not only makes these stands easy to set up, but also gives you the option to replace the graphics with a new design and a new message to use at other events.

Speaking as a designer, this system is a dream as it allows us to be able to create a bespoke solution for our clients to specifically fit the space they have available

A major factor behind the popularity of our Stretch Stands though is the skill of our in-house production team. We have a wonderful team of seamstresses in our factory who are able to turn a printed piece of fabric into an exhibition stand, in a fashion similar to how a tailor creates a fitted suit. Every stand is assembled in our testing area prior to being dispatched to make sure the design fits perfectly. Our in-house production capabilities also mean that we can offer Stretch Stands on a speedy turnaround, much faster than bulkier exhibition stand systems typically made overseas.


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