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LED Systems

With the use of digital screens in sign work on the rise, Rob Fletcher looks at how the latest LED technology can help shine a new light on a wide range of signage applications

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Shining bright

Digital signage has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with those in this sector using the technology to produce all sorts of innovative applications. Be it touch screens in retail environments, bus stop advertising screens or gigantic billboards at the side of the road, digital signage is everywhere.

As the use of digital has grown, the technology behind these screens has also advanced. LED solutions now form a staple part of many digital signage jobs, offering those in the market a more environmentally friendly option to power their applications.

O Factoid: While considered a relatively modern technology, the origins of LED can be traced back as far as 1907 O

Here, we find out about some of the latest developments in this market and analyse how companies are using LED technology in creative and innovative ways to enhance the look and performance of their signage applications.

Flexible solutions

First up, Rutger Schaap, who was recently appointed as senior sales manager for Benelux at PPDS after spells with Sony and LG LED, outlines the core advantages of working with LED in screen-based projects.