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CAD/CAM Software

As software plays a major role in production for modern sign-makers, Rob Fletcher takes a look at some of the latest CAD/CAM options available to the market and examines the advantages they offer

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Keeping up the pace with the latest developments

Keeping pace

When it comes to the use of software in a sign-making or wide-format print business, there is simply no overstating the importance of the role it plays. Whether it is a management information system giving you greater control over your business, or proofing software that allows you to check the accuracy of work, software is a key component in production.

O Factoid: CAD/CAM software can trace its early development back to the mid-1960s O

For many within our industry, this is also true of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing solutions, more commonly known as CAD/CAM software. These products can significantly help speed up work and improve the quality and consistency of output, setting you and your business up for a successful future.

Here, we look at some of the latest CAD/CAM software products available on the market and how they can help sign-making or wide-format print companies enhance their offering to customers.

Optimised functionality

Graphtec GB provides a range of CAD/CAM software products alongside its selection of hardware solutions. Director Phil Kneale says that as software is the ‘intelligence’ on any computerised production equipment, it should always be prioritised in the specification and purchasing process.

“By ensuring the chosen software is the most appropriate and capable of seamless installation of future upgrades, the performance of the machine will be optimised and function reliably for its entire working life,” Kneale explains.

“To support the wide range of digital cutting and finishing systems it supplies to the sign and graphics and digital printing industries, Graphtec GB offers its own-brand Graphtec Pro Studio and Pro Studio PLUS design and production software programs. These are based on the FlexiSIGN family of software developed by leading global software specialist SAi, for which Graphtec GB is a preferred business partner and exclusive UK and Ireland distributor.”