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Modular Sign Systems

One of the industry’s most widely used products, Rob Fletcher explores the modular sign systems market and finds out about some of the latest solutions on offer

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Signscape and Signconex has a new selection of modular sign systems for parks and coastal regions

Park Life

One of the great things about the sign industry is that its products can be used in all sorts of environments. This is particularly true of modular sign systems, which are seen and used by a wide range of customers in regions around the world.

What makes this type of sign product so popular is its flexibility. As its name may suggest, a modular sign system can be altered and adapted to fit almost any sort of environment, from education and healthcare, to leisure and entertainment.

Here, we take a look at some of the latest innovations in the market and find out more about a product that has made it into so many sectors and industries in countries worldwide.

New customers

First up is Signscape and Signconex, which has had a presence in the industry for more than 45 years and worked with a wide range of sign-makers and wayfinding specialists on projects based around modular signage systems. Managing director Spencer West says while the sector has been impacted by the pandemic, demand is now starting to return as the world returns to near normal.

Signscape and Signconex recently launched a new range of modular signs specifically for use in and around churches

“The pandemic caused major disruption to the sign industry and the sectors it serves, much like so many others,” West says, adding: “Customers put orders on hold and upgrading of signage was deferred indefinitely as businesses waited out the unknown.

“In the past year we have experienced a reduction in signage requirements but as the UK comes out of lockdown and industries start to open, orders are picking up. We are also delighted to see a new group of customers requesting products, who previously made international purchases, but due to Brexit have now needed to look locally to avoid the exacerbated importing processes.

We are also delighted to see a new group of customers requesting products, who previously made international purchases, but due to Brexit have now needed to look locally

“Signscape and Signconex, as a leading trade sign manufacturer, has remained operational and busy during this period and is still very much available to offer a full sign product solution.”

West goes on to say that one of the core benefits of the modular signage sector is the vast array of demand from customers of all kinds. He explains that Signscape and Signconex chooses to focus its efforts on trade customers and their core sectors, namely hospitals and health centres, university and school campuses, council districts and industrial sites.

“Sign systems have been around since people have been on the move,” West comments, adding: “The need for directional signage – whether a totem, fingerpost, lectern, or noticeboard – will never disappear. It is the most effective environmental tool in guiding visitors and communities around internal and externals spaces.

“Signscape and Signconex constantly looks for ways to improve and enhance its product range, adapting to customers’ needs and keeping up with industry trends.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, Signscape and Signconex has been busy with new development and recently launched a range of noticeboards specifically designed for use in churches and their aesthetic and functional requirements.

O Factoid:  Signscape and Signconex has had a presence in the industry for more than 45 years O

Also new from the company is a new range specifically for parks and coastal regions, including lecterns and interpretational display panels. In addition, Signscape and Signconex classes itself as an expert in the fabrication of bespoke signage and is open to working on any projects looking for something distinct and unique to elevate its project site, including solar display systems, fingerpost directional signs and hinged glass and digital totems.

 “Testing a variety of materials and the way they react in certain environments is key in improving longevity of products,” West says, adding: “Our technical experts and engineers regularly review the way our products are made to ensure their construction is made along best practices.”

Growing demand

Next up, Select Sign Systems supplies a range of modular sign systems for use across office, education and hospital environments. Managing director Mike Slater says while demand for these types of systems dipped during the pandemic, the reopening of society has seen demand return.

“At the start of the pandemic and due to the lockdown, hospitals stopped sign companies from visiting as they were seen as none essential,” Slater says, adding: “However, at the same time, this decision was reversed by some hospitals as they were setting up Covid-19 wards and needed to allow signage to be installed.

“Orders for temporary signage have, throughout this ever-changing situation, played a big part in our business as clients have put their original plans on hold while awaiting further updates.

“As we slowly open up, we are receiving many more enquiries across all our product range. The one area still quite buoyant in the sign systems market is the new builds, which still require to be completed. Although this has been challenging due to the Covid-19 situation it has been and still is a good revenue stream.”

Slater draws on this flexibility, pointing out that modular sign systems are the ideal choice for all sorts of projects, but picks out the corporate, healthcare, education and wayfinding sectors as key target markets.

“Select Sign Systems have come a long way and within our range of products we have systems which can be made bespoke,” he says, adding: “This gives the designers, sign companies and clients a chance to put their own stamp on the design without compromising the flexibility for the end users.”

Looking at new innovations from Select Sign Systems, Slater explains that the company has concentrated on developing new ideas within its comprehensive range. This includes using marketing and customer feedback from within the healthcare sector to develop a flexible and changeable set of signs for its Magnex range.