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Chinese Super League provides signage opportunity

Sporting events across the world offers signage and printing opportunities for global and domestic companies. Prestigious events such as The World Cup, The European Championships and both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games, provide the most opportunities for sponsorship deals and promotional material. There are also opportunities for sign-makers in football leagues and other sporting competitions. The Chinese Super League is the fifth most high-profile football league in the world, and German company Absen

As the Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL) continues to expand, it has become the fifth highest professional association football league in the world, behind the Bundesliga, the Premier League, La Liga, and Liga MX in Mexico. The growth offers a host of business opportunities for companies around the world. 

The CSL provides a new market to tap into, particularly with LED signage for sponsorship deals and scoreboards. German sign company Absen has taken note and became the first official LED colour display supplier for the league at the end of 2016. Throughout 2017, the company provided its solutions for over 240 games.

Absen has supplied sixteen Absen A97 perimetral LED display solutions since the beginning of the 2017 season, and the deal will run until December 2020. The German company will also supply the hardware equipment, software, and supporting services. As part of the deal, Absen will receive a sponsorship package and tournament stadium rights.

Hansen Ding, president of Absen, comments: “We are very pleased to be appointed as the first ever LED colour display sponsor for the Chinese Super League. It is a great honour for the company to be involved in this extremely dynamic league which gains international visibility year after year. This deal further strengthens the company’s superior position in the supply of high-quality displays for arenas and stadia.

We are very pleased to be appointed as the first ever LED colour display sponsor for the Chinese Super League

“The CSL is an important championship for football fans across China and it is a great pleasure for Absen to be able to enhance the viewing experience of the fans who attend the football matches of our top division domestic teams. They will never be disappointed with the quality of images on the screens supplied by Absen.”

Absen will provide its latest A97 panel which is an IP65/IP54 rated unit hosted in aluminium housing. The panel spans 128cm and is 96cm high, with a depth of 16.3cm. The 5,500-nit screen has a horizontal viewing angle of 160 degrees and offers 125 degrees on the vertical plan.

The Chinese Super League has grown a reputation for enticing players into the league with large amounts of money, with a number of players opting to play in China. According to media reports, Arsenal’s long-term manager Arsene Wenger, who has just announced that he will leave the club at the end of the season, could be offered a chance to join a Chinese team.

Former Manchester United and City player, Carlos Tevez, spent time in China and became one of the highest-paid footballers in the world. The continued expansion of the CSL will allow other global sign and print companies to get involved. Chengyuan Ma, president of the CSL, remarked on the professionalism of Absen which will help the league to promote its brand, which is why the company was selected over a domestic option.

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